Legionella Risk Assessment

Do I need a Legionella Risk Assessment?


The Legionella Risk Assessment is a fundamental part of your Legionella control program and provides the necessary guidance to allow the potential risk of Legionella presented by a water system to be reduced to the minimum level.

As a member of the Legionella Control Association, Hydraclean produces high quality professional reports in compliance with the ACoP L8 and BS 8580.

Most of the buildings in the UK, that are not private dwellings, will need the hot and cold water systems to be assessed for the risk of legionella bacteria entering and proliferating within them.

In general, if you are the owner or are responsible for the maintenance of the water system in a building or premises then you will be responsible for carrying out the risk assessment.

Where do we start?

It is important to appoint a ‘responsible person’ who has the authority, training and experience to carry out the task or has the resources to access suitable help where required. This should be an owner, director or senior manager within the company.

Where assistance is needed, there are many companies both large and small with the expertise and knowledge to help carry out the Legionella Risk Assessment and the ‘responsible person’ appointed should therefore have sufficient authority, resources and training in order to appoint a suitable company that can help.

In the end, you cannot derogate your responsibility to another party, so you have to ensure that you take the necessary steps to seek advice from a suitable service provider.

Guidance is given in ‘The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems’ document L8, paragraph 51 which states ‘An illustration of the levels which should be expected from service providers can be found in the Code of Conduct developed jointly by the Water Management Society and the British Association of Chemical Specialities (WMS/BACS).’

And although the code of conduct does not have any legal status under health and safety law, it should assist in choosing a suitable service provider.


Hydraclean are certified members of this Association. Legionella Control Assosication Certificate It should be known that the standard of Legionella services can vary significantly from organisations. In order to facilitate customers in selecting a competent supplier for Legionella Risk Assessment, it is strongly recommended that a company registered with the Legionella Control Association, be appointed.

This will ensure a minimum standard of services you should expect to receive. The Legionella Control Association has drafted a set of standards that need to be followed by all organisations offering Legionella services that are registered with the organisation.

Hydraclean are registered with the Legionella Control Association. All our Legionella services are provided to offer the client the most professional service that ensures compliance and reduction in the risk of Legionella infection.