When it comes to water treatment products, quality is important. That’s why it’s vital to use the best water treatment chemicals and equipment to control your processes safely and simply. Hydraclean offers a comprehensive range of water treatment equipment and chemicals for a wide range of industrial and commercial use. We also provide a nationwide installation service on any of our products if you require. Below is a small selection of our products.

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Cold Water Storage Tanks


A correctly sized cold water storage tank maximises water turnover and reduces the likely hood of stagnation, our cold water storage tanks come in a vast range of sizes. High quality insulation minimises heat gain, various valve choices can help to reduce stagnation and good design helps to aide cross flow.

Hot Water Storage Vessels


The Gledhill Stainless Lite is an unvented mains pressure hot water storage vessel available from 90l to 300l hot water storage capacity. The units are manufactured in the UK and are WRAS approved and available in direct or indirect models as required.

We can supply the units direct to your site or can provide a budget price for supply, installation and commissioning to WRAS and BS6700 standards. The installation of these hot water systems can reduce the risk from legionnaires disease from tank fed hot water systems provided that routine inspection and maintenance is carried out. However, there will no longer be the need to inspect and clean cold water storage tanks associated with copper cylinders and calorifier type hot water systems.

Local Water Heaters


The Heatstore range of local water heaters are available from 5l to 75l hot water capacity and are used to supply sinks and wash hand basins which may be remote from the main building services.

We can supply the units direct to your site or can provide a budget price for supply, installation and commissioning to BS6700 standard.

There are 2 additional packs available

Solenoid Driven Chemical Dosing Pumps


Solenoid driven chemical dosing pumps are used in in a wide range of process applications including the addition of chemicals to boilers Low Pressure Hot water systems and Cooling towers. With a choice of acrylic, high viscosity, PVC, PVDF and stainless steel liquid ends, most chemicals can be accurately dosed. The pumps can be controlled by simple on/off control or if proportional dosing to process flow rate is required pulsed or 4-20mA control is available

Water Conditioning


Bio-Chem Micro Chlorine Dioxide generator for use in potable water supplies or various industrial application

Reverse Osmosis units are used in a number of areas, to remove impurities such as minerals organic chemicals (pesticides) and chlorine

Chemical Dosing Pots and Water Sample Coolers


Chemical dosing pots are manufactured in the UK from mild steel, these units are available from 1l to 25l capacity with fittings for easy installation to the flow and return of the heating system. They allow safe and easy chemical addition to many systems and can be custom ordered. Water sample coolers should be installed whenever it is necessary to obtain a sample of water from a system where the operating temperature exceeds 60°c e.g steam boilers, steam and condensate mains. Closed heating circuits, and water systems.


Meeting our clients’ needs is paramount we supply chemicals to treat –

  • Boiler Waters – Alkalinity builders, oxygen scavengers sludge and scale mobilisers
  • Closed System – Corrosion inhibitors for multi metal systems, biocides to reduce bacteria and glycol to prevent freezing
  • Cooling Towers – Corrosion inhibitors for hard and soft water areas, oxidising biocides and Non-oxidising in liquid and solid form Supplied in a range of sizes to meet your needs
  • Hygiene – Chemicals to disinfect building and reduce bio-film build up a popular product being shower head +
Shower Head +


Shower Head + is a highly effective concentrated shower head de-scale / sanitiser solution. It is diluted to working strength and if stored safely, can be re-used and only needs to be replaced when it changes colour.

Available in 4 x 5 L Packs.