About us

Independent Complete Water Services Provider


Hydraclean have been established since 1963 and were originally a High Pressure Water Jetting company specialising in concrete cutting.

New management was introduced in 1995 with the mandate to establish a water treatment services business alongside the high pressure jetting.

Roy Burgess, who was part of that new management team, is now the owner of the company which has focussed on being a complete water treatment services provider.

Vision & Mission

It is the vision of Hydraclean to be a leading water treatment provider for the water industry.

Company Mission

Our mission is to be a leading provider of high-performance water treatment solutions in tandem with industry-leading customer service. The company and its employees seek to conform to the highest standards and provide continuous growth for its customers, employees, and partners.

Company Core Values

Hydraclean will seek to grow through …

  • Its unique approach to water treatment technology
  • Its ongoing committment to technological innovation
  • A committment to environmental water treatment innovations